Science Technology Engineering Maths challenges encourage and develop the curious mind of problem solvers, Mathematicians, Engineers and Scientists by giving students challenges to overcome, working as a team, working to a deadline this prepares them for independent thinking, problem solving in their own lives and indeed for their future education.

The challenge:

Students were challenged in groups to design and make a desk top fan that is powered by a 9V battery.

They were given recycled plastic bottles or plastic drinks cups, drinks straws, hot glue, motors, 9V batteries and connectors.

They needed to consider:

How they would make the fan blades, how they would make them the same, how they would make the fan stand and lastly how they would create a circuit with a power on and off switch.

Students could then modify their designs by looking at how they could adapt their design showing an even better if-:  by attempting to oscillate the fan, change the blades and remodel them for more wind flow, lastly some groups made a dual fan so two people could benefit from the small fan at the same time.

Have a look at the results….