What a day at Windsor Park?

Today we had the pleasure of a wonderful visit from the Dogs Trust, a charity who work to rehome dogs. Their Education and Community Officer, Sarah Saunders, travelled up from their Loughborough office to teach our years 5 and 6 about the cost of raising a dog. Students put their mathematical knowledge into practice, thinking about all of the costs involved with looking after a dog well and adding them up to work out an annual bill. They were amazed to work out an answer of £960!

In addition to this, Sarah held a whole school assembly to talk to all students about how to stay safe around dogs and look after them during the firework season. She was impressed by what they already knew, but gave us all a few new pieces of information to bear in mind when around dogs.

We would like to express our thanks to the Dogs Trust for their visit. It was thoroughly enjoyable and lots of new learning took place.