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Science clinic

Here in science we have had a very busy half term with weekly events such as KS2 Science club and the science clinic open to all pupils. Year 5 have been investigating dissolving and separating substances including an investigation to find which biscuit is the best for dunking and how to extract salt from [...]

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Communion before Confirmation

Communion before Confirmation This term, Rev. Margaret Sherwin is running a Communion before confirmation course in school. This is a great opportunity for those younger children who feel that they would like to take communion, but are not quite ready to be confirmed. For further information please contact Mrs Howells. This link may answer some [...]

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Music Lessons

        In music lessons at Windsor Park Middle School, Pupils will develop knowledge, understanding and skills in: Performing Composition Listening and appraising music from varied Times, genres and cultures Musical understanding and knowledge We offer instrumental lessons on a range of instruments. These take place during [...]

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Expectant Eden

At the beginning of January the Art, History, Science and English department sent out some exciting letters, offering the year 7 pupils a fantastic opportunity!! A week in Cornwall!!! However this is not just any old spot in Cornwall but we will be staying at the YHA on site at the one and only [...]

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BIENVENUE!! Welcome to Windsor Park’s French Department.   In the French Department, pupils have a lesson every week in Year 5 and 6 and two or three lessons in Year 7 and 8. Our aims are to: -  Develop competence across all 4 skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. -  To make language learning fun [...]



History In History we study a range of topics to give pupils a wide understanding of different times and places. The main aim is to make the subject interesting and relevant to all pupils, which is done through a variety of teaching techniques and resources. In addition to gaining their interest through content, pupils will [...]


Physical & Human Geography

Geography In Geography we explore a variety of topics looking at both Physical and Human Geography. This gives pupils a better understanding and appreciation of their surroundings in a local, national and global context.  Pupils have the chance to investigate different countries such as Brazil and China and look at issues that are current [...]

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