Diversity Day

Year 8 have been learning about population issues this term and looking at the ethnic backgrounds of people in the UK. In Geography we had a Diversity Day where an economic migrant and a refugee came in to talk to the pupils about their experiences. The pupils enjoyed listening to their stories and asked intelligent [...]

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Tamworth Castle

As part of their study of the Medieval period in History, Year 7 have visited Tamworth Castle. Built in 1070, during the reign of William I, the castle's history spans the whole of the period. Whilst there, the pupils were able to take part in a variety of activities including handling weapons; analysing artefacts; dressing [...]

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History In History we study a range of topics to give pupils a wide understanding of different times and places. The main aim is to make the subject interesting and relevant to all pupils, which is done through a variety of teaching techniques and resources. In addition to gaining their interest through content, pupils will [...]

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