Stem Blog

On Monday Year 6 students had the amazing opportunity to work with the Institute of Civil Engineers ICE Bridge to School project. The 15 metre long cable stay bridge, similar to that of the Second Severn Crossing was constructed by teams of students throughout the day. The project came about after an enthusiastic parent, Mrs [...]

Sumdog national mathematics competition

We are proud to release the results of the latest Sumdog national mathematics competition. Once again, Windsor Park Students competed against thousands of students from around the country. They worked hard, giving up lunch and break times, staying after school and doing lots at home. All students should be immensely proud of their achievements. The [...]

Sumdog National Mathematics Competition 2017

Sumdog National Mathematics Competition 2017 We are extremely proud to announce the results of the Sumdog National Mathematics Competition, held last week. 216 students from Windsor Park took part in the competition, which was focused on speedy mental maths. Fifty of our students were ranked in the top 10% nationally. The best class at Windsor [...]

Maths Blog

We are delighted to announce that Windsor Park has been recognised for its work with STEM ambassadors. These are people, working in industry, who use science, technology, engineering and maths in their line of work. They have visited the school to talk to students about career routes for these subjects and to do some hands [...]

Maths Hub

We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new maths hub. Staff have been very busy over the holiday transforming the space into an inspiring learning zone. We have created spaces where students can work in small groups, receiving interventions to build their confidence about the trickier aspects of maths. We are also [...]

Code Day

On Friday 9th June Windsor Park Middle School things got a little mysterious! The maths department, supported by staff from across the school, held a whole school WOW day looking at code. We explored its uses, both in the present day and the past. Students found themselves investigating code used during the World Wars as [...]

UKMT Junior Challenge

We are very proud to announce the results of the UKMT Junior Challenge. The Junior Challenge is a national maths competition for students in year 8 and below. It gives them the chance to compete against students across the country and be externally recognised for their efforts. Students will receive the certificates when we ourselves [...]