Frequently Asked Questions

All children and staff at Windsor Park are welcomed into one of three houses: Alton, Chartley or Tutbury.  We run lots of inter-house events throughout the year competing to win the ultimate House Cup.  As an individual you can also collect merits and stars for your house through good academic work and kind acts.

We also award lots of certificates, commendations, trophies and shields at the end of each term in the Headteacher’s celebration assembly.  As you move through the school you may have the opportunity to become the House or Sports captain.

We run lots of trips at Windsor Park.  As well as many annual outings run by the different departments (for example: Tamworth Castle, Redfern’s Cottage and theatre visits) we regularly run a residential arts & drama trip to Ingestre Hall, activity weeks to Standon Bowers and the Eden Project and an overseas trip to France.  Finally, the end of every year is celebrated with a whole school trip to a local theme park.

In year 5 your homework will mainly be Maths and English, such as reading, times tables and spelling – much like your current school.

The school has six 50-minute lessons in a day.  The main difference to your current school is that you will have different lessons in different rooms.  As well as your form room you will have lessons in the science lab, the art studio, the Design & Technology workshop, the DT kitchen, the computer science room, the gym, music suite or outside on the playing fields and multi use games area.

Each day you will need to bring a pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, green pen and reading book, as well as any kit for PE or Art & DT.

During our fun, transition activities you will visit the school and soon get to know our simple layout.  However, all the staff and students at Windsor Park are very friendly so if you are lost please ask anyone for help.  It really will not take you long to become familiar with the school buildings and feel settled.

You can bring a phone, but it must be switched off and kept in your bag at all times.  You may not use your mobile phones during the school day.  School cannot take responsibility for any mobile phones brought into school.