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Windsor Park Middle School’s Before and After School service aims to provide high quality out-of-school hours childcare for our parents.  It provides a range of stimulating and creative activities in a safe environment, this does not include educational support or tutoring for children using this service.

The service operates from 7:30-8:30am and from 3:40-6.00pm term-time and information on costs for each session are set out below.  A copy of the terms and conditions is provided to all parents of children attending the club and is also available on the school website.

Parents must complete a separate registration form for each child attending and sign to indicate acceptance of the terms of this policy 


  • Only children registered at Windsor Park Middle School are eligible to attend.
  • All places are subject to availability.
  • Children that require one-to-one support in school to enable them to behave in a way that keeps themselves and others safe cannot be accommodated in the club.
  • The registration process must be completed prior to the child’s commencement.
  • Parents may request a paper copy of these terms and conditions.
  • All club staff are made aware of the details of all children registered.
  • Children’s attendance is recorded in a register.


Windsor Park Middle School is insured with RPA and pupils attending wrap-around sessions are covered by our public liability insurance and will be covered under this policy. A copy of our certificate will be provided upon request.


Parents must inform the school office if their child is going to be absent. Refunds will be at the discretion of the Head teacher.


Arrival and Departure

Before School Club


It is safe to drive onto the school premises from 7.20am to drop off your child.  Cars are not permitted to drop off children on the school premises after 7.45am


After School Club


Parents/Carers are required to make arrangements to ensure a safe journey home.  Please note: cars are not permitted onto the school premises before 4:45pm.

Late Collection of Children


It is expected that children will be collected promptly at the end of their booked session.  Any child that is collected later than five minutes beyond the end of their booked session will be charged for the next session. E.g. a child booked in from 4.00-5.00pm but collected at 5.10pm will be charged up to 6.00pm (the next charging period).

Any collection beyond 6.00pm will incur a late collection fee of £10.

The main school office opens from 8.30am-4.00pm for calls.  In the event of an emergency outside these hours please contact the school on 07541 329163.

Daily Routine


Breakfast is included in the price for children attending the 7:30-8:30am wraparound care session.

After school

A range of snacks and drinks are included in the price for children attending the 3:40-5:00pm and the 5:00-6:00pm sessions.

Afternoon Tea

Additional sandwiches, dessert and a drink can be pre-ordered at the time of booking and will be charged separately though ParentPay (£2.35)

Allocation of Places

Bookings should be made in advance (by 12.00pm the day before) so that the correct staff ratio can be ensured. The school will use our bio-metric system to register the booking and payment will be automatically deducted via Parent Pay.  We will strive to accommodate all requests; however we will allocate spare places on a first come first served basis.  Failure to ensure sufficient funds are available in ParentPay may result in a child’s place at the club being withdrawn. Child care vouchers cannot be accepted at Windsor Park Middle School.


Behaviour and Safety

The staff aim to provide a safe, stimulating and happy environment for all children. All sessions will be delivered in accordance with our school values and adhere to the School Behaviour Policy.  Parents will be informed immediately of any behavioural issues and incidents.  Following a warning, any continuation of unacceptable behaviour may result in a child being temporarily or permanently barred from the service.  Children that require one-to-one support in school to enable them to behave in a way that keeps themselves and others safe, cannot be accommodated in the club as we do not have the staffing capacity to cover for their needs.

Operating Hours

We offer the following sessions for Before and After School.

Before School After School
7.30am-8.30am £5 inc. breakfast 3.40pm – 5.00pm £5 inc. small snack and a drink
5.00pm – 6.00pm £5 inc. small snack and a drink
3 sessions booked for the same day will receive a 10% discount (total amount payable £13.50)
** Any child collected after 6.00pm will incur a late collection fee of £10 **

Extenuating circumstances will be considered at the discretion of the Head Teacher

First Aid

  • All accidents will be reported in accordance with school policy (ie: recorded in the school accident book and accurately reported to the parents/carers)
  • Accident records must show details of: time, date and nature of the accident, details of the child involved, type and location of the injury, action taken and by whom.

Parents of any child who become unwell during a session will be contacted immediately.  If a child is sent home during school hours, staff will be informed of their absence.  Refunds will only be given under exceptional circumstances and authorised by the Head teacher.


All school policies apply to the Before and After School service.


Wrap Around Care Letter With Permission Slip – Download