Here in science we have had a very busy half term with weekly events such as KS2 Science club and the science clinic open to all pupils.

Year 5 have been investigating dissolving and separating substances including an investigation to find which biscuit is the best for dunking and how to extract salt from rock salt.

Year 6 have been looking at the importance of staying healthy, the impact of exercise, balanced diets, and analysing different lifestyles to give advice on how to improve health.

Year 7 have focused on energy and particle theory, investigating if pyramid teabags really are better than other shapes.

Year 8 have been examining the function of major organ systems in the human body including a heart and lung dissection.

We are looking forward to the next half term and are preparing for a wide range of events to celebrate National Science Week. These will include a science champion quiz, inventions competition and Year 8 will be attending the Big Bang Exhibition at the NEC and competing in the TAHS Millionaires Competition against the other middle schools.