In the Windsor garden

In the Windsor garden Progress is underway.  Today some of Year 6 have been busy clearing the Design Technology garden.  They began weeding, collecting leaves and preparing the ground for setting.  Once prepared the group learnt how to make a wigwam support, following that the bean plants were set and watered.  Fun in the sun!  [...]

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UKMT Junior Challenge

We are very proud to announce the results of the UKMT Junior Challenge. The Junior Challenge is a national maths competition for students in year 8 and below. It gives them the chance to compete against students across the country and be externally recognised for their efforts. Students will receive the certificates when we ourselves [...]

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Terry Collier Robots

In Art year 7 have been studying the work of sculptor Terry Collier, he makes robots from unwanted and old materials. Year 7 have been collecting materials that they can recycle and make into a robot of their very own!! Progress pictures so far. Watch this space for the finished sculptures!!! [...]

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Creative Career Workshop

Staffordshire University will be coming in to Windsor on Monday 19th June to hold a 'Creative Career' workshop with all year 8 pupils. This will be a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to learn about where their creative skills can take them. Looking at higher education course options and the careers that these courses can [...]

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DT Sow And Grow

In DT some of our Year 6 have been working on the ‘Sow and Grow’ challenge sponsored by Innocent, the drinks company. We have, over the last month, learnt about different seeds and planting times we have also set beans, carrots and cress and started to chit our potatoes. Each lunchtime groups come and water [...]

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Newsletter 27

you can view the latest newsletter by clicking on the link below... Newletter 27 - March

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DT Fashion Design

D.T. Fashion Design In Design Technology Year 8 students have had the opportunity to work with a corporate sponsor company Dimensions. Over 12 weeks the company sent in two designers to work with students on designing and manufacturing upcycled garments. The experience was a valuable lesson in how skills learnt in school apply to real [...]

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Y6 Fantastic Beasts

Y6 Fantastic Beasts Year 6 have been studying fantastic beasts as a topic which links to their English work. They have worked extremely hard on using collage to combine a number of different animals, they got their design ideas from these combinations and made a large scale final design. The final design was then decorated [...]

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Headteachers Blog March 2017

I came upon this quote recently by Mattie Stepanek and it really resonated with me, particularly following the recent terror attack in London.  He was a boy who died at the age of 13 in 2004 having suffered from a rare disorder called dysautonomic mitochondrial myopathy.  He was a poet and an author with an [...]

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