Some year 8 pupils had the opportunity to visit JCB Academy for a unique experience.  During the day our pupils along with other Y8 pupils from different schools participated in various activities, which had a maths/science theme.  These included : Catapult making , aerodynamic testing ( paper plane designing), logic  and memory challenges and the strawberry lace investigation. Pupils were observed by members of the sixth form who were marking the groups on their effort.

The pupils also got the chance to have a tour of JCB Academy, which unearthed the extensive range of facilities on offer for students with an interest in engineering or business studies.

As the day came to a close, pupils met for the results of the competition.  Windsor Park came joint second place which resulted in a prize of Haribos! These were enjoyed on the journey back to school.

Reuben “One of the most memorable days of my life!”

Ricardo “It opened my eyes to the world of business and the opportunities that are on offer for when I’m older.”

Lucy “What I saw today was very interesting, the engineering side has made me think about my future.”