Knife Skills

Yesterday, was about learning knife skills, presentation and a taste test analysis. Students learnt the claw method, a safety method of using a knife. We talked about swapping crisps and chocolate occasionally for health snacks. We learnt that raw vegetables chopped in this way is called crudité in French too! Oooo la la!! Students took [...]

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DT Blog

With the exciting new food module under way, our first year 8 group made classic rock buns with a twist. Students were given four criteria to aim to achieve Star Baker status. The focus was good housekeeping, following the recipe method, an even bake throughout and organisation. Star bakers were able to make themselves a [...]

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Cooper Leaves

Year 8 DT Yesterday, as a one-off enrichment lesson for Year 8, students had the opportunity to work with metal. We used copper sheet to cut out and shape using various techniques leaves. Students gave texture to the metal, hammered it into a 3D effect and used blunt chisels to give the vein effects seen [...]

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