Assessment, Recording and Reporting

At Windsor Park CE Middle School we use tracking and assessment of student’s progress as a tool to ensure that your child receives the best education and support, if necessary, that your child deserves.

This is an important part of our commitment to our students and parents.

Targets are set for each student. We use a range of tests and teacher assessments to enable us to monitor student’s progress throughout the year. Each half term (6 times per academic year) we review the data.

After reviewing the data we can make an informed decision as to whether your child is making sufficient progress to reach their target or is making “better than expected” progress. By carefully analysing this information we can put in support for those students who are not on target.

We report to parents each term (3 times per academic year).

Communication to Parents

In addition to reporting to parents 3 times per academic year we invite parents to discuss their child’s progress at a parents’ evening where they can book an individual appointment with each teacher.

For Year 5 parents a “settling in” evening with form tutors is arranged so that staff can reassure parents that their child has settled in to a new school environment. Parents can also raise any concerns they may have. A more formal parents’ evening for English, Mathematics and Science and the foundation subjects is arranged for the Spring term.

Year 6 Parents as well as a formal parents’ evening, parents are also invited to a Year 6 “SATs Information” meeting.

Year 7 Parents are invited to a parents’ evening which is arranged for the summer term.

Year 8 Parents are invited to a parents’ evening which is arranged for the end of the Spring term.