Stoke and Staffordshire Careers Hub

Careers is a fundamental part of our curriculum: preparing our students for the wider world and life beyond education.  It is a golden thread between all academic subjects and students approach the world of careers in varying ways.  For example, in English students explore different types of work through the texts they are studying whilst in RE we look at different religious figures and their job roles in society.

Years 5 and 6: Students explore what they like, what they’re interested in and different job roles in different sectors.

Year 7: Students continue to explore different job roles (often outside of their first thoughts) and are introduced to more unusual jobs.

Year 8: Students take part in specific careers activities in lessons, e.g., writing a job application, and focus on what studying different subjects can mean for careers.

Please note: all students take part in our Careers Weeks events as well as a variety of visits, workshops, assemblies etc. throughout the year.



  • Careers Weeks
  • Workshops
  • Assemblies
  • Trips
  • Visits from Industry
  • Presentations from Companies and Employers
  • STEM Ambassador Engagement
  • Industry Links in the Curriculum
  • Careers as a golden thread throughout the subject spectrum – all teachers are careers teachers at WPMS.


Websites that might assist when considering careers:

BBC Bitesize – teach careers

BBC Bitesize – KS3 careers

As a member of the Stoke and Staffordshire Careers hub, we are passionate about preparing our students for the next steps and choices in their education.

J Bailey, Deputy Head Teacher / Careers Lead