Learning for Life "Teach me good judgement and knowledge" Psalm 119:66 Safe, Caring & Supportive Learning Environment


Christian Distinctiveness

At Windsor Park Middle School we are committed to providing a high quality education for all, which is rooted in our distinctive Christian character.  As such, we reflect the Anglican Church of England traditions and values whilst being fully inclusive and promoting cohesion both in our school and local community.  Each day begins with an act of worship, led by form tutors and the worship team, whereby we remind ourselves of our Christian values which underpin all that we do.  We give time for reflection and discussion about why these values are important and what they help to teach us.  Students are also responsible for the prayers that are read in their form room, with a different prayer read daily. As a Church school we believe it is important for the school to gather together to reflect on our Christian values, which is why collective worship is practiced twice weekly.  Here, students reflect on the value of the half term and discuss the impact of this on our lives.  We have time to consider how our values help us to flourish and achieve our full potential in life, thus helping to facilitate this amongst our students.

At Windsor Park, our faith does not stop when we leave school.  We partake in a number of visits across the year to places such as Dovedale House in order to develop our understanding of faith as well as explore and develop leadership skills.  We have strong links with our local church, St. Mary’s the Virgin, and attend once a term.  Rev. Sherwin also comes into school once a week to assist with collective worship.  Alongside this, other members of the church regularly visit to run clubs and talk to students in order to provide further opportunities to explore students’ faith more deeply.

As a Christian school, we fully believe that we offer a rich, deep education not only academically but spiritually, morally and socially.  We develop the whole person in order for students to become the best version of themselves and flourish in their education and beyond.

Our vision of Learning for Life “Teach me good judgement and knowledge” (Psalm 119:66) is the golden thread through all the work we do at Windsor Park.