Christian Distinctiveness

Christian Distinctiveness

At Windsor Park Middle School we believe that our strong Christian community gives us something unique and special…

“The school, through its distinctive Christian character, is outstanding at meeting the needs of all learners” SIAMS 2015

At Windsor Park our values have grown from the teachings of Jesus and they embody all that we do. Throughout the school we start each day with a simple act of prayer, led by form tutors and our team of Worship Leaders. As we study and play throughout the day, we try to remember the values we share.

Each half term we focus on a different Christian value, we reflect on why these are important, and what Christian scripture teaches us about them. To develop our knowledge and judgement of our Christian values, students lead reflection and worship each day during morning and afternoon form time. Students also take responsibility for the worship areas found in each form room, this dedicated time for worship and reflection allows for all students and staff to flourish and grow.

We come together as a school family twice weekly to enjoy a larger collective worship in the school hall, where we take time to reflect on our Christian value of the half term, sing hymns together and offer our prayers to God. We have strong links with our local church, St Mary’s the virgin, and we are joined by our local Reverend Margaret Sherwin weekly who assists with our larger collective worships.  Alongside this, other members of the church regularly visit to run clubs and talk to students in order to provide further opportunities to explore students’ faith more deeply.

At Windsor Park we feel it is no good to simply talk about our Christian values and the teachings of Jesus; we must also act. This is why we aim to serve our local community and those further afield with projects such as ‘toilet twinning’, and helping provide aid to refugees. We feel it is important to ‘live out’ the values that we study as advocates, so we can see the changes and impact we have on others.

At Windsor Park, our faith does not stop when we leave school. We partake in a number of visits across the year to places such as Dovedale House in order to develop our understanding of faith as well as explore and develop leadership skills.

As a Christian school, we fully believe that we offer a rich, deep education not only academically but spiritually, morally and socially.  We develop the whole person in order for students to become the best version of themselves and flourish in their education and beyond, with Christ at the centre of all we do.

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