The French department aims to embrace the French culture through the teaching of the language. The department also aims to teach the students transferable skills, which can be applied in many subjects and careers. We aim to make students’ learning an enjoyable experience in an atmosphere which promotes positive learning. The department aims to provide a developing programme of visits abroad and language based events in school. We arrange Culture Club activities wherever possible, and hold language based enrichment days in School. We subscribe to many French magazines so that pupils can come and read these during break and lunchtimes. We also have an extensive collection of films for both languages that pupils can watch in the department or at home to further enhance their language learning.

At the end of September the department organises cultural activities to celebrate the European Day of Languages. Throughout the week, pupils are offered different European food and they also take part in cultural quizzes.

Year 8 take part in a European day event where we highlight the importance of using different languages and raise cultural awareness. This has been a very enjoyable and enriching experience in the past few years.

The French department offers a trip to France – usually during May half term to offer pupils the opportunity to experience French culture and language “hands-on”