• French trip
• Whole-school events to celebrate Bastille Day
• Subject ambassadors

Year 5: All about me, Le Carnaval des animaux, viva la France!
Year 6: Au college, Mon monde, La Mateo
Year 7: La rentree, Mon temps libre, En ville
Year 8: Viva la vacances, A loisir, Le sport en direct

Bienvenue à Windsor Park

Why learn a language?

Learning a language isn’t simply about being able to speak in that language. Research has shown there are many other benefits; these include greatly improving your memory to gaining transferable skills such as deduction and multi-tasking as well as supporting a pupil’s English learning. Acquiring  language skills means pupils are better prepared for their future both in modern Britain and in our increasingly global society.

In French, our intention is to encourage a love of language learning whilst broadening cultural horizons.  In class, pupils become responsible learners where they collaborate with teaching staff to make progress across the four skill areas: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Additionally, students acquire cultural insights into the diverse French-speaking world.

Helen Cowlishaw, Lead teacher French Department