House Prayers

Dear God, We thank you for creating this World,
for giving us wonderful teachers in a great school, good food, homes and peace,
which many around the world are not blessed with.
Thank you for your love and for laughter.
We know that you are with us every step of the way.
In Jesus name,

“Dear God,
We thank you for love and being loved.
We thank you for respect and happiness.
We thank you for forgiveness.
We thank you for jobs.
We thank you for family and friends.
Help us in all we do and be with us now and ever more.

Thank you for shelter, food, friends and family.
And also for the NHS.
Thank you for making us a success.
With your support we’re guaranteed to work to our best.
You’re with us and we know for sure,
That you’ll stand by us for evermore!