Learning Support Department

Here at Windsor Park it is our aim to ensure that children who enter the school with identified Special Educational Needs continue to receive a high standard of support to enable them to thrive, access the curriculum fully and make good progress. In addition to this we work together to identify children who may be struggling with aspects of their learning and provide them with the support that they need to achieve their best.

We follow the SEND Code of Practice and support children in a variety of ways, sometimes through a TA working with them within a lesson, other times they may be removed briefly from a lesson for specific targeted work. Some support is given on a 1:1 basis, whilst other interventions are undertaken through small group work. We share strategies to support pupils with Special Educational Needs, ensuring consistency across the school.

The Learning Support Department here at Windsor Park Middle School is extremely well resourced. In addition to the wide variety of learning resources from which we select those best suited to the needs of individual children, we have a dedicated support room where interventions and lunch-time clubs take place and The Snug – a small, supervised quiet room for more vulnerable pupils to eat their lunch in.

In addition to the resources, experience and expertise within the school, we also have strong, well established  links with a number of outside agencies, providing support, advice and information to children with special educational needs, their parents and their teachers.

Good communication with parents is an essential part of our work in the Learning Support Department. So if you are concerned about your child’s learning or feel that they may have a learning difficulty, please make an appointment to see Mrs Howells to discuss your child’s needs. Mrs Howells email address is senco@windsorpark.staffs.sch.uk If you have a disability yourself which may make communication or attendance at Parents Evenings difficult please contact school so that we can support you in supporting your child’s education.

To see our SEND Policy please click here.

To find more information about SEND services in this area please visit the Staffordshire Market Place 

To seek information and advice please visit the SEND Family Partnership