Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Education

At Windsor Park, our aim is to ensure SMSC is a golden thread that permeates all that we do. SMSC underpins our curriculum and, just as importantly, underpins interactions with our pupils outside the classroom. We aspire to give pupils the skills, qualities and values to grow both academically and individually so they can become local, national and global citizens of the future.

Our school motto of ‘Learning for Life’ and our core values of respect, resilience and responsibility are inextricably linked to our SMSC provision. Through our bespoke learning for life (PHSEE) curriculum, we seek to encourage pupils to make positive contributions to our school community and beyond.  We are proud of the many extra-curricular opportunities that we offer students which support SMSC and our values, fundamentally it is not about ‘delivery’ but its impact on our pupils.

General aims

  • That SMSC is ‘the golden thread’ in all areas of our school, both inside and outside the classroom.
  • That staff and pupils alike are aware of and promote our values and ethos.
  • That our pupils have a clear insight into expectations and responsibilities for their learning and personal development.
  • That staff and pupils are aware of the five British values – mutual respect, acceptance of those with different faiths and beliefs, democracy, the rule of law and individual liberty.

Curriculum & extra-curricular activities provide pupils with opportunities to:

  • Maintain positive relationships based on respect.
  • Share and celebrate each other’s achievements whilst developing resilience and perseverance.
  • Take responsibility for their behaviour as well as their learning.
  • Assimilate qualities and skills needed for life.
  • Feel safe and a sense of belonging.
  • Express their feelings and opinions in an appropriate way.
  • Provide reflection time for learning and behaviour.
  • Build self-esteem.
  • Develop empathy for others.
  • Contribute to our school and wider community.

Pupils should have space for reflection to enable them to consider and celebrate the wonders and mysteries of life and to appreciate faiths and beliefs beyond their own.  They are encouraged to express feelings and emotions.


  • Curriculum provision is outlined on our map.
  • We are a Church of England school and this forms part of our core values. In our latest SIAMS inspection we were graded ‘outstanding.’
  • At Windsor Park we have a well-established student ‘worship team.’
  • We have strong links with our local church where pupils attend communion.
  • There are reflection spaces in each classroom.
  • We hold regular worship and prayers in school.

We encourage the development of pupils’ ability to make judgements on what is right and wrong; to increase their awareness of the impact and consequences their actions have for themselves and others.  They are given opportunities to explore and investigate moral and ethical values.


  • Curriculum provision is outlined on our map.
  • We have an active group of ‘Eco-Warriors’ who look at a variety of environmental issues.
  • We actively participate in a range of charity events including NSPCC day, Children In Need, Comic Relief and #HelloYellow.
  • Our school council.
  • We run a rigorous process to appoint a Student Senior Leadership Team, shadowing their adult peers.
  • Our PE department encourages pupils to apply to become Sports Leaders to officiate at school events and fixtures.
  • Vertical form groups allow all year groups to interact in tutor-led discussions and debates.
  • British Values assemblies, displays and planner inserts.
  • Our merit and star scheme for good work and being helpful.
  • A variety of guest-led assemblies helping pupils to explore wider issues.
  • Supporting good causes – by individuals and as a collective, such as, Daffodil Tea.

At Windsor Park, we want pupils to understand how they relate to one another and the wider world.  We aim to equip them with skills and qualities that will help them in school and at home. Skills that will help them right now as well as in their future life; skills and qualities such as being able to organise themselves and their time; helping themselves and each other to resolve issues; to work independently, but also as Team Windsor contributing to the school and a diverse  wider community.


  • Curriculum provision is outlined on our map.
  • Intervention scheduling.
  • Inter-house competitions for all subjects.
  • School Mental Health Award – Bronze.
  • Mental Health Awareness Week and other sessions delivered in school.
  • Peer counsellors and mentors.
  • PE Sports Leaders.
  • Pupil voice panels.
  • Guest speakers in assemblies.
  • Christmas/Summer fayres opened up to the local community.
  • Lunchtime and sports clubs including homework club.
  • Participation in external events such as Ryman’s Challenge, Young Voices and Young Speakers.
  • Y8 leavers’ awards presentation and celebration.
  • Many school trips and fixtures throughout the school year.

Opportunities both inside and outside the classroom to explore, appreciate and understand our diverse world and move beyond the parameters of school and its locality.


  • Curriculum provision is outlined on our map.
  • Careers mapping and careers week.
  • Cross-curricular Eden Project trip.
  • English Ingestre Hall residential trip.
  • Y8 French trip to Paris.
  • Big Bang Science trip.
  • Promotion of European Day of Languages coupled with discrete ‘Why Learn a Language?’ sessions.
  • Diversity workshop for Y8s focused on global immigration.
  • International School Status/British Council
  • Opportunities to hear and see live performances of music and theatre.
  • Y5 & 6 Bikeability workshops.
  • Participation in live performances and school productions.

Links with our wider community:

  • Visitors are welcomed into Windsor.
  • We promote a strong home-school relationship which allows staff and parents/carers to work together to support the children.
  • Pupils take part in fixtures and events at other schools and venues.
  • Parent voice forum.
  • Links with the local church.
  • Links with local businesses.
  • We consider ourselves part of the community, not separate from it.

Evaluation and monitoring via:

  • External audit of SMSC provision – gold award.
  • Internal audit of SMSC.
  • Curriculum and schemes of work.
  • Quality assurance cycles.
  • Staff briefings.
  • Pupil voice sessions.
  • Governors’ meetings.
  • Feedback from pupils and parents.

Safe, Caring & Supportive Learning Environment